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I thought I’d create a page that is a little more dynamic than my about page and update this one with things that are currently on my plate… projects, job, interests, things I’m learning, etc.

As of: October 6th, 2017


I’ve just wrapped up my 3rd week as a member of the team at Cypress. Cypress is a tool for creating end to end and integration tests for web applications. The tool is amazing to use and the team is great! I’m incredibly excited for this opportunity!

In this new role, I’m working remotely and I am very happy to have a commute that can be measured in feet most days 😀.

My Videos on

All of my videos are available from my instructor page, or you can follow the links below for specific playlists and courses.

Build a React App with Redux

Build a React App with Redux

This is my second full course on egghead. It covers the core concepts needed to use Redux when building a React application. It covers the basics of creating a store through using middleware for async actions and even includes lessons on React Router v4 and how to prepare your app for deployment and make it live with now. It covers a lot of ground and comes in at 111 minutes!.

Learn Ramda JS Playlist

A playlist of free lessons that cover various functions and concepts used in the ramda js library.

Build Your First Production Quality React App

Build Your First Production Quality React App

This is my first full blown course on egghead. It is the result of a lot of planning, a lot of helpful feedback from the team at egghead and hours of recording an editing. I’m super excited to see it out in the wild and plan to produce more courses like this.

This 24 part course on building an application with ReactJS covers using Create React App, using Jest for unit testing, interacting with APIs using fetch, PropTypes, JSX, property initializer syntax, creating a simple router from scratch and even covers building a couple of functional utilities, including pipe. One of the goals of this course was to bootstrap with Create React App and avoid any additional use of npm install. This course is pretty dense and covers a lot of concepts that are useful when building an application in React.


I have a few things partially completed and on the back burner now. Once I get settled into my new role, I might start taking back some of the “commute time” I’ve cut out of my day and get a little more organized and focused on some of these projects.


I’m always learning something new. Currently, my focus is on getting up to speed in my new role, but some things I’d really like to spend some time on in the near future include:

  • ADTs (Algebraic Data Types) - I’ve been trying to wrap my head around some ADTs for a while now, but haven’t been able to commit a ton of time to it. The Crocks library looks really promising, but I still don’t understand what all the types do and how to use them properly. So, I’ve started a project on GitHub where I am using unit tests to put together my own examples of the types and the methods available on each. It’s pretty simple right now, but as I get through the basics, I hope to expand the examples to more complex examples that solve real world problems.
  • TypeScript - I’ve tinkered with TypeScript here and there, but I’d like to spend some time really getting to know it more deeply.
  • React Native - While React Native isn’t new, it’s not something I’ve really spent any real time working with. I have some ideas for mobile apps that I would use day-to-day, so I think it would be fun to build a native app or two. Tools like Expo make the barrier to entry so low, it’s just a matter of finding time.