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I thought I’d create a page that is a little more dynamic than my about page and update this one with things that are currently on my plate… projects, job, interests, things I’m learning, etc.

As of: May 27th, 2017

My Videos on

All of my videos are available from my instructor page, or you can follow the links below for specific playlists and courses.

Learn Ramda JS Playlist

A playlist of free lessons that cover various functions and concepts used in the ramda js library.

Build Your First Production Quality React App

Build Your First Production Quality React App

This is my first full blown course on egghead. It is the result of a lot of planning, a lot of helpful feedback from the team at egghead and hours of recording an editing. I’m super excited to see it out in the wild and plan to produce more courses like this.

This 24 part course on building an application with ReactJS covers using Create React App, using Jest for unit testing, interacting with APIs using fetch, PropTypes, JSX, property initializer syntax, creating a simple router from scratch and even covers building a couple of functional utilities, including pipe. One of the goals of this course was to bootstrap with Create React App and avoid any additional use of npm install. This course is pretty dense and covers a lot of concepts that are useful when building an application in React.


I am currently leading a project to build an educational platform for medical students using React and Node.


  • I’m building a simple tool for teachers and presenters. As it gets closer to being fully baked, I’ll have more details to share here.
  • I’m working on some additional training related stuff… more on that as it gets closer.


I’m always learning something new. At the moment, the things I’m the most focused on are:

  • Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) with Crocks. As I continue to try to increase my knowledge of functional programming, the need for types is becoming more and more apparent. The Crocks library is an excellent collection of ADTs and utility functions to compliment them. The more I learn, the more powerful I realize this stuff can be.
  • Category Theory - To deepen my functional knowledge and to try to understand the underlying concepts in the tools I’ve been learning, I’ve started working my way through this excellent series of lectures on Category Theory by Bartosz Milewski
  • Zeit - Everything they put out impresses me, so as they release new offerings or enhance their existing tools, I jump right in. Super impressive company so far and I’m sure they’ll continue to do great things for a while.
  • Screencasting - I am always trying to improve my process so I can make higher quality videos and publish them more frequently.