New & Improved React Course on

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My first full course on, "build your first production quality React app", was released a couple years ago. Since that time, React has evolved quite a bit (for the better, IMO) and I've recorded many more videos.

I've learned. React has changed. It was time for a refresh.

I've uploaded a new collection on egghead that you can access right here!

This is an updated take on my original React course, using new APIs and no more todo MVC!! 🎉

This time, we're building a minimal flashcard app. We start with create-react-app so we can get right into it. No need to worry about webpack, Babel or any other tooling, I have a separate course for that! 🙂

The lessons focus on using React function components and the hooks API.

I love hooks! 😍😍

As great as hooks are, there is a TON of existing code out there, written before hooks existed. If you're new to React, I've included a few lessons toward the end that use class components so you can get familiar with the syntax.

Throughout, the lessons we cover important React concepts, and sprinkle in libraries that are pretty standard in the ecosystem. We add routing with @reach/router and do some testing with Jest and React testing library.

We don't cover all of React's APIs, but we cover enough to get you well on your way to building apps with React.

I'm really happy with the progression of lessons and I think the course is a great foundation for anybody new to React as well as a solid refresher for those who are familiar.

If you're a seasoned pro, you might still pick up some little nuggets that are scattered throughout, like this lesson at the end where we cycle through array indices using the % (modulus) operator 🤓 or this one where we create an "upsert" form 😁. If you're into the "upsert" form lesson, be sure to check out the one right after it to avoid duplicate id attributes when reusing forms

I'm drawing a line in the sand on this today so I can get it out there, but I still have a list of additional lessons that build on this. I'll be recording those and adding them to this collection as they're ready.