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Andrew L. Van Slaars

A Little Bit About Me


I’m Andrew and I’m a father, a husband and a developer. While I’m very happy and proud of my family, I don’t tend to share much about my personal life online, so my focus on this site if mainly related to technical information, things I’m doing that are related to web development and soft skills, such as productivity tools and techniques.

As a developer, I’m passionate about code quality, testing, learning, mentoring and training. I’ve been in the industry for 16 years, and I try to bring those years of experience to any project I work on.

I believe that software development is a creative endeavor and there are many ways to approach any given problem. I believe in building a community/culture of open communication and of learning. Everybody has something to teach and everybody has something to learn, regardless of skill level or number of years of experience.

I have a background in technical training, so when I can find the time, I like to teach as an instructor on